I hope everyone who is reading this is well, and not suffering (sickness, supplies, losses). I really mean that. Please do not panic and try your best to do the best for yourself and those around you.

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know that all sites by me (Maryanne Myers) are very secure during this time of the Covid-19 virus (coronavirus).

My daughter and I have have already "hunkered down" or isolated ourselves since MID-February so there is no chance of being offline due to illness.

All payments are still sent out as usual, as I have several months of finances stored up at all times. This also covers things such as servers for the sites and domain name renewals.

Sales are still strong and everything is safe as far as commissions, the sites, and the operations of them. Traffic and new members are still strong too.

Other Info...
I DO have a new site ready to launch that I spent alot of time making, but delaying it until I feel it's a better time to do an super-open. So you'll have opportunity with that when it does open, and hopefully look forward to it like I am.

Also, Bitcoin at this moment is holding strong after its big drop also. I strongly suspect it will stay there and prove to be very strong. Please do not panic on that either.

I have owned sites since March 1998, 22 years already and will be here for many... many... many more years.
We continued on through many things and always come out on top. You will too.

Thank you for being a member,
-Maryanne Myers